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  • How to Turn Traffic Into a Flood of Customers

    Or How to Monetize Your Traffic So You Get The Most Out of IT Everyone tells you that to increase your sales all you need to do is to increase your Traffic. But that’s only part of the equation. Fact is, there’s something else more important than Traffic, and that is CONVERSION.

    Doubling your Traffic Volume does not necessarily = sales. Doubling your conversion rate however, = more sales You CAN make money even with little traffic, and generate more sales from the same Traffic. Instead of always looking for the next best Traffic Method why not spend the time on converting your existing traffic into sales. This will put more money in your pocket in the long run, than spending time and money getting more Traffic  Generating Traffic is not an easy task. You have to contend with so many competitive sites to generate a good flow of traffic. And there are so many strategies to obtain that extra Traffic.  In an ideal world, let’s assume we are successful in using everything available. Web SEO, Classified Advertising, PPC. Article Marketing. Video Marketing. JV Partners, Social Networking currently known a web 2.0. Designed to drive Truckloads of Traffic to your website.

    Imagine all that time money and energy spent on getting this Traffic to visit your website?

    All that excitement of being overcome by a flood of Traffic is a false euphoria and could leave you with the feeling of being among the spent bottlers and debris as the circus rolls out of town, or in this case as your visitors leave your website as quickly as they arrived  What we need is High Quality Visitors to increase our conversion rate.  When you have ‘targeted Traffic’ you have number of potential customers that are willing to pour money into your coffers  To get more sales we have to turn the browsers into customers. Get people to take some sort of action, click on a link, buy a product.

    It’s more cost effective to spend time making sure the keywords and content is relevant to our website or Blog. It’s equally important to improve our website design to make it easy for our visitors to take action  Long Tail Keywords attract Traffic in general but individual keywords create sales. For example “Sports Cars” will attract car enthusiasts, But “Red Masarati Sports Cars” will attract that unique visitor that will will be more susceptible to take some form of action, according to the strength of our sales copy.  These UNIVERSAL website conversion strategies work whether you have your own products or if you have an affiliate website, or whether you use it on a direct response, blog etc  Also you kneed to monitor your Traffic. You need to know where your traffic is coming from, where your sales conversions are coming from.  There are plenty of good Tracking programs to help you do all this. I highly recommend Googles’ Free Tracking software ” Google Analytics.

    Simply sign up for a Free Account with Google Adwords, Copy and past a simple script into the Page that you wish to track, and it will give you all the information you need to help monetize your website and increase your conversion rate.  You can easily find out where your Traffic is coming from.

    Whether it came direct , from organic search engine enquiry or Referral links. How Many Visitors a day – Absolute Unique Visitors – Page Views –  Time spent on you website – Bounce rate in % – Visitors Profile and even the Browser they used, and so much more. A very powerful tool to add to your marketing arsenal. And it’s Free.

    If your just getting started and do not have any traffic to speak of, then I also recommend you use Google Adwords to generate your initial Traffic. Use your keywords wisely to get the most clicks for your dollars and put a cap on your spend. What you trying to do is drive targeted traffic to your website in the shortest possible time to enable you to analyse and monitor your conversions per 1000 Visitors.

    Where the sales are coming from, What is not selling. Bounced  Visitors etc

    In this case it’s not “Who you Know”, but “What you Know”.  If something is not converting into sales, you have the option to put it right or drop it and concentrate on the things that are making you money.

    I hope these few tips have helped you to get more control of your sales strategy and increase your sales to your success.

    Source : Brian Worley

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