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  • How to get better directory submissions

    If you follow the submission guidelines for each directory, you will enjoy a higher acceptance ratio. However, many directory editors look over your website manually before including them into their directories. If your website is content rich, provides useful information or a useful service – you will get a better approval ratio.

    Consider the following factors while submitting your website to directories:

    1. Don’t submit to irrelevant category. Most editors don’t have time to move your website from one category to another or don’t bother to move it to the proper category.  They may put your submission in a waiting list or DELETE your listing.
    2. Don’t use promotional language in the titles or descriptions while submitting. Follow all of the listed guidelines.
    3. Many editors may reject websites: that are full of worthless content, websites that are very poorly designed, websites that are full of banners or ads, MFA (made for Adsense) websites, porn sites or sites that link to porn or questionable websites, gambling sites, and hate sites.  And, this is just to name a few.
    4. To improve your chances of getting listed, be sure your website has a clean design and user-friendly navigation.  It’s also beneficial if your website is useful to potential visitors.
    5. Don’t submit sites that are under construction.
    6. Don’t submit affiliate links. They will not be reviewed or approved by most directories.
    7. Don’t submit a site to multiple categories or submit different URLs of a site to different categories.
    8. Don’t submit your site more than once. Be patient and allow time for the editor to review your website. Some directories may receive hundreds of submissions on a daily basis and it may take a while for your submission to be reviewed. If you repeatedly submit your website to the same directory, chances are you will not be approved and the editor may even ban you from future submissions.
    9. Many directories DON’T allow non-English sites. If they don’t allow them, don’t waste your time submitting to these directories if you have a website that is primarily non-English.
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