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    Yes, we had found numbers of magnicient and fascinating spots to enjoy when we decide to spend a holiday at Indonesia. Leaving all the routinity that made us exhausted, bring the nature to calm down our brain – settle down our muscles – relaxe – and get prepared for another challenge with totally brand new spirit. Because Indonesia give us another fresh air of adventures – another sweat of journey – another “wow” of experiences.

    Pull down your high rush in Jakarta, cuz you’ll find many place to shops. Have a lot deep breath in Bogor or Bandung, cuz you are in cool site for fresh air and beatiful scenery. Sense the amazing culture in Yogyakarta, cuz you’ll be touched by it. Are you ready to surfs? In Bali you’ll be over excited. Have you ever seen any beauty deep below the sky? Cuz in Bunaken (North Sulawesi)  you may dives the beauty beyond the blue sea. Are they enough to enjoy the vacation?  Nope, they’re just five spots in five regions in Indonesia. There are 33 regions in Indonesia that could give you any different pleasures, different tastes, and absolutely many exciting experiences.

    For any good chance of holiday, there will be any good news of it. In Indonesia we’ll find cheaper prices for those experiences in comparation to the other countries that may bring you almost the same joy. But we’ll find more in Indonesia than others. And for additional good news, we’ll find many price tag of joy in Indonesia was cutted. They are cheap and getting cheaper now !!!

    Touch of cultures will easily find your skins to senses. beautiful scenery is all about to see and enjoy it. Every yellow price tag are added with number of discount in many shops. The waves are waiting for you to ride on it. And you may dive deeper to the beauty without dive your hands deeper to your pockets. There’ll be a lot fun, more excitement, more experience to have.

    No invitation only, cuz Indonesia is waiting for your pleasure.

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