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  • Great traffic by thinking small

    Here is one method that you can use to get traffic to your web site. It relies on choosing some niche keywords based on your web site theme. The process is fairly simple and can be expanded to get tons of traffic to your site. Here is how.

    It is often tempting to chase after popular themes and then select the major keyword as your target. However this is not a great move, well, not in the beginning anyway. You first have to build your credibility with the search engines before they will place you near the top.

    The key is to choose a keyword phrase that people are using in the search engines such as Google but have very few web sites that cater to that keyword phrase. How do you find such valuable keyword phrases? Here’s how!

    If you use a software tool such as Good Keywords or the Google AdSense tool, it will return you many different keyword phrases. Look for specific phrases that look a bit odd. One of the ones that I look for are those that are book titles. Sometimes the words are jumbled but after you have gone through a few of them you will easily recognize them because initially they seem to make no sense.

    This is often because the words in the title of the book have been sorted into alphabetic order. If you choose this phrase and set up a web page targeting that phrase, you can then produce a few paragraphs on the book based on reviews at any of the book sellers such as Amazon. You can then have affiliate links to the major booksellers and receive an affilaite commission from them.

    I have used this technique to target books on Poker which have attracted traffic where I can offer either the book of their interest or to one of the gaming clubs or to my other web pages on Poker. A book with a similar title is “Liar’s poker: rising through the wreckage on wall street”. The tools indicate that it was searched for in Overture (Yahoo) 12,043 in one month, so probably 120,000 in Google. Yet depending on how it is entered, Google shows that there ar only 997 sites that cater for that phrase. That’s pretty good odds for you to get a high ranking in the search engines. You can then offer this traffic links to products and services related to the finance industry – a high paying industry.

    If you can find other books related to this them, then you can aggregate the traffic through links to your home page. Eventually you will raise your page rank to aa fairly good level.

    This is a method that you can refine on an ongoing basis to improve the natural search traffic to your web site.

    Ron Skruzny

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