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    By following Google webmaster’s guidelines, we will help Google to find, to index and rank your site gave us. Even if we prefer to not wear it, it is advisable to keep attention to “Quality Guidelines”, which highlights the illicit practices that can make SEO a site will be fully “kicked” from the Google index. Or at least subject to sanctions is. If it so, the relevant sites will not appear on the Google SERP, or on sites other Google partners.

    If the site is ready:

    * Keep you get links from other sites that are relevant.
    * Submit to Google on
    * Create and submit sitemap to Google. Google uses your Sitemap to learn the structure of your site and to increase its coverage to the pages on your site.
    * Make sure that the sites provide links to you know that your site online.
    * Submit your site to relevant directories such as Open Directory Project and Yahoo!.

    Guidelines for the design and content of your site

    * Make your site with hierarchy and text links are clear. Every page should be approached from at least 1 text-links are static.
    * Prepare a site map (site map) to your users with links that show important parts of your site. If the links are numbered more than 100, then you should divide into separate page.
    * Make your site rich with useful information. Write clearly and accurately.
    * Think about the words used about the user to find your pages. Then, make sure your site actually put those words in its content.
    * Try to use text more often than images to display important words, content, or links. Google’s crawler was not familiar with the texts in an image.
    * Make sure that the TITLE tags and ALT attributes your site descriptive and accurate.
    * Investigate the existence of broken links on your site. Immediately correct HTML.
    * If you use a dynamic page (eg, a URL with the characters “?”), You should know that not every search engine spider crawl pulled-page dynamic page as well as a static page. It would be very helpful if you keep the parameters short and the numbers remain small.
    * Try to link to a page your normal amount. Approximately below 100.

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