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    Somebody once said that a blog without a comments is a dead blog! For my opinion that is just the case! Comments are quite important for every single blog out there, proving they have an active community and quality articles as well.

    Your visitors will comment on every post you write they are interested in. Allowing you to see things from their perspective, leaving feedbacks and their own opinions. This might be important for you and also for them, giving out a loyalty towards a blog you are writing at.

    Encourage Visitors to Comment More

    There are a few examples that might strongly affect your comments count. Using these techniques below might easily improve your blog comments in general:

    Invite them to comment – People tend to comment more if you kindly ask them to. Feel free to ask your visitors to comment on your articles. It is important to keep this question noticed so your potential commentators might see it easily.

    Ask questions in your posts – Another very easy and successful way to improve your blog comments is to ask questions to your readers. This is a good way to finish a post, where you should provide a question for them. Let them know their opinion is valuable for you and you might be thankful for it.

    Interact with your commentators – Probably the most common mistake some bloggers do is that they do not interact with their commentators. If your visitor leave you a question, you should definitely answer to it. This help your visitors to know you are serious about your blog and might help them by giving out information they are looking for.

    Let them know you are interested – Interact always with your community gives an impression that you really care about them and you are actually interested in their own opinion. After all, you might learn something useful from your visitors all the time.

    Reward your community – Reward your loyal commentators with a few simple tricks. Good way is to place a link in your blog sidebar to them. This might get your loyal commentators some good link juice to their own sites and services. Encouraging them to comment even more on your own blog to get that free one-way link to their sites.

    Answer directly and be active – Probably the most important thing to encourage your loyal visitors to comment more on your blog is to be active and honestly answer to your visitors. Be ready to receive any kind of suggestion or feedback and always be polite. Also, do not try to leave your comments unanswered in any way.

    Though there are more things you can do to encourage visitors to comment on your blog. These above are probably the most effective for you. Below, I am going to show you some other tips you might use to boost your blog comments in general:

    Comment back – Some blogs use this effective technique today. And it is quite effective technique to improve your comments at the beginning. You might leave your visitors know that you will comment back to their blog if they place a comment on your.

    Leave comments on other blogs – Also, one of the most effective way to get some fresh commentators to your blog is to place comment by yourself on other blogs related to your niche. Most bloggers would like to see who comment on their blogs and they would comment back and follow your blog regularly too. Let them know you follow and read their articles constantly and regularly.

    Comments are important for your future blog developing. Letting you to know what your visitors think about articles you write, leaving feedbacks and suggestions and leaving you their own opinions which you can use to develop and improve your community if needed.

    Feel free to post below your own experiences with your comments :)

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