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    DMOZ is one of the largest directories on the internet with 75,151 editors and 4,830,584 websites listed in it today. It is also widely-known as the ODP (Open directory project). There are very strict editorial standards for inclusion in DMOZ, and that’s what made it a very high-quality directory.

    Because DMOZ is so popular and well-regarded – there are plenty of to submit your website there:

    You can get direct traffic from DMOZ itself as it’s a highly popular directory.

    There are many directories that syndicate DMOZ’s listings. For example: Google Directory, Excite directory, Alexa directory and quite a few more. That means by successfully listing your website with the ODP, you’ll get listed in hundreds of other directories as well. And, that can help you to get more traffic, link juice and better rankings in the search engines. Some search engines even use the ODP listings in their ranking algorithms; in those particular search engines the websites that are listed in the ODP receive better rankings than those who aren’t.

    ODP is edited by about 75,000 editors – and these editors don’t get paid for their work, so that’s why the ODP is an authoritative directory.  Because it’s an authoritative directory, it can help you boost your rankings significantly.

    Here are some tips that can help improve your chances of getting listed DMOZ.

    1. Category: Find the most appropriate category before you click on the “Suggest URL” button. Don’t try to submit to a top level category if there is appropriate sub-category available.
    2. Title: Title should be name of website, It’s recommended that you look at >> for detailed examples of good and bad titles. Promotional language is not allowed.
    3. Descriptions: Don’t use promotional language, descriptions should be concise and to the point.
    4. Be patient: DMOZ is well known for a long waiting period between submission and approval.  Do not resubmit your website as that may cause your website to be banned from the directory.  While some submissions may be approved within days, others may take months – just be patient.

    Source : Manish Mathukiya

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