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  • Diving In The World’s Greatest Archipelago

    The possibilities for those seeking fun in the sun while enjoying their favourite water sports in Indonesia are almost endless. For divers and snorkellors, depending on where you go and what’s your pleasure, there is an excellent variety of locations from which to choose from, including Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and all the way east to Papua. From the wild and truly fantastic underwater sites of Papua, divers can head for a lagoon where huge schools of jacks and baracuddas crowd the water while sea turtles, black manta rays and scores of other marine species drifty by. Without a doubt, this is one of the premier dive sites anywhere in the world.

    The island of Bali’s beauty on land is worldrenowned but there is now increasing interest in its underwater wonders as well. For beginners to experts there are several spots around the island from shallow sandy areas to steep drop-offs and wrecks that will please at every level. The marvelous World War II shipwreck at Tulamben, about 100 km northeast of Sanur is known for its abundance of fish as the ship’s remains provide hundreds of nooks and crannies for them to live in.

    Off the far northwestern trip to Bali lies the small island of Manjangen and its national underwater park. The quality of marine life at Manjangen rivals that found anywhere else in the archipelago. The wide open waters allow for plenty of room to explore even if diving in a large group. Those travelling to Manjangen can make their arrangements through the many dive operators located in Bali’s famous tourist areas, who also organize trips to Nusa Penida and the clear waters off east Bali.

    The Bunaken Underwater Park off the coast of Manado in North Sulawesi is one of Indonesia’s best diving and snorkeling locations. The island of Bunaken, with its sea garden in Teluk Liang cove, offers spectaculars reef formations and an enormous variety of marine life.

    Alternatively, the dive spots off the north coast of Flores in Nusa Tenggara, are described by experienced divers as some of the best in the world. Thousands of fish swim lazily through the coral formations that resemble everything from stove pipes to beer kegs in shape.

    Closer to the capital Jakarta, the Pulau Seribu Islands are just a two-hour boat ride from Jakarta. They offer the perfect combination of first-class accommodation with a variety of water sports on offer, from sailing to fishing to windsurfing and diving. The diving here is ideal for beginners and those wishing to take a diving course.

    With over 17,000 islands Indonesia is truly a water sports enthusiast’s dream. As more incredible locations are discovered, there will always be more added to the best of the best. Here we bring just a few of these experiences to life.

    Source : Indonesia’s Culture & Tourism Department

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