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    What is deep link building?

    Deep linking is simply the act of receiving links to your website’s inner pages as opposed to a website’s home page.  Many home pages can be found at:

    And so on.

    Deep linking creates a direct link from a 3rd party website to your important internal pages, most notably pages that have very useful content or pages that sell products or offer services.

    Why is deep link building important?

    For nearly every website on the planet, the home page of a website is the page that is linked to the most.  And for some websites, the home page is the least important page of all of that particular website’s pages.  This, in itself, is a valid reason for deep link building.

    For instance, let’s say that you have a website that sells physical goods, such as cat and dog food dispensers.  While your home page will likely contain links to specials that you’re running as well as the category pages for your products – there is nothing being sold on your website’s home page.  And, the very reason that your website is online is to sell things, so the product pages are probably more important than the home page itself.

    This rule can be said of websites that offer services as well – while your home page may offer an introduction about your company and links to the types of services that you offer, the “services” pages are the whole reason that your website is online.

    Deep linking tells search engines that your inner pages are important

    Search engines use inbound links heavily in their ranking algorithms, and in general – the more links you have, the better your rankings are. Now, the quality of your inbound links will come into play as well as other factors – but this line of thinking is true, in general.

    So, if you have a website that offers products or services yet does not have a lot of links pointing at your most important website pages – you are going to have a hard time getting high rankings in the SERPs for those pages. Sure – your home page may rank well and your visitors can click through to your product pages, but it’s just a good idea to build link popularity to your website’s internal pages through deep linking directories.

    Deep linking helps with “natural” link building

    One good reason to incorporate deep link building into your overall link building strategy is because it replicates natural link building. If you think about it from a search engines point of view – which looks more natural:

    A website with hundreds of links pointing at the home page only with no deep links

    A website with hundreds of links pointing to different pages in the website

    The correct answer is the second choice. Now, it is expected that a website’s home page will have more links than its internal pages, but by using deep linking you can help search engines determine which inner pages of your website are important. This will not only help to improve your website’s overall exposure in the search engines, you will be building link popularity for the most important pages of your website.

    So, how can you build links with deep link directories?

    Actually, there are many website directories that specifically allow deep links where you can submit both your home page and/or your website’s inner pages. Now, most general directories do not allow deep linking, but you can find deep link directories on certain directory lists. Directory Critic offers this type of directory list here:

    You can also search Google or Yahoo for individual directories that allow deep linking.

    Source : Manish Mathukiya

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