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    One of the most magical holiday experiences anywhere in the world is to jump abroad an Indonesian phinisi schooner and cruise the islands and bays of the archipelago. These vessels, many loosely associated under the traditional Fleet group, are usually refitted to a high degree of luxury and safety and dedicated to your complete enjoyment for both short and longer cruises.

    Phinisi trips set off from a number of Indonesia‘s ports, including Jakarta, Makasar, Manado and Bima, with most cruises centered at the port of Benoa on Bali, heading to Sumba, Flores, the Komodo National Park and beyond.

    There is a wide range of boats and cruises available, offering everything from frugal lodgings to extreme luxury aboard floating palaces, with high levels of service and facilities. But everywhere you go, the cruising experience will be blessed with the same crystal clear waters, teeming exotic reefs and untouched glorious sandy beaches.

    Indonesia provides an unbelievable choice of cruise destinations and experiences, but equally fascinating is the range of vessels that are ready to bear you there. This is the magic of cruising in Indonesia – adventure and comfort in equal doses!

    In this short guide we illustrate the many delights of a cruise on board a traditional vessel; the choice of where to sail to is up to you. Enjoy the trip – it’s something not available anywhere else in the world!

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