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    If you want to keep up with the blogging Joneses, then you better examine what the Joneses are doing compared to what you are doing.

    Find out who your competitors are and examine their blog. You can examine their source code for keywords, meta tag usages, and programming code, or just examine them on the surface to see what they are doing, what they are writing about, and what and how they are presenting their content.

    Search search engines for your competitors and see how they rank compared to you. There are also many free services that will compare your page ranking with other competitors to help you understand where you are in the Blogosphere Food Chain.

    This doesn’t mean copy exactly what they are doing, but learn from them. I’ve found that the more your blog specializes in specific content, the better it does in the rankings, so how specialized are your competitors? Or are they? How do they handle their specialization? What topics are they covering and what have you covered that they haven’t, and that they have? And what have they covered that you haven’t? Should you?

    What features do they have that is different from your blog? Do they include increased navigation through recent and most popular posts? Should you? Do they feature more graphics or less? What style of voice do they write with? Is it as an expert or a fan? Is it friendly and open or factual and to the point?

    Who is linking to your competition? Should you get to know them? Why are they linking to your competition and not you? You can easily check who is linking to a website from a variety of resources, including through Google, by typing something like this format in the search form, as you would to test your incoming links:


    The more you can learn from your competitors, the more you can learn what works and doesn’t work for your niche. Fads come and go, which makes this an important SEO element that needs to be done frequently to “keep up with the Joneses”.

    Here are some resources that will help compare your blog with other websites to find out who your competition is and how they are doing, among other comparisons.

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