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  • Choosing a Good Niche

    Now you have to determine the niche, you can choose the niche that you have some knowledge about it, or you can choose the niche that you want to know more about it, or you can choose any niche that interests you.

    The best niches for Adsense are Golf, other sports niches, Pet niches, Health niches, Website development niches. Yes, guess something about people of entire world love as something such as hobby or life style.

    I have some good ways to search for a good niche that can do will with

    Google Adsense program.

    1-     Go to, at the right select a category; select a niche from the huge niche collection there.

    2-     Go to, select a category then choose a unique niche according to your interests.

    3-     Go to; try to find a something new, I will show you how to choose the best keywords for your website later.

    Anyway, you should choose a niche that pay well with Google Adsense, I don’t know what exactly the top paying niches for Google Adsense, but I have some Ideas of what are the niches that will pay good for your Adsense business.

    Source : Adam Carn

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