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  • Building link with Flickr

    If your site has something that is a commodity of trade, of course, you must insert a photo display your merchandise is there, as one form of promotion and persuasion to visitors.

    Many places to store the image files. Stored on your hosting server or a few sites online storage service providers – especially for image files – like imageshack, photobucket, or Flickr.
    In this article we will try to use the facility to improvise SEO from Flickr that use modern technology web 2.0.
    By saving your image files on Flickr will be automatically enrolled in Squidoo pages (what is Squidoo, you can open in another article).

    Upload your image files, complete with naming and description of the SEO friendly. You also can put the anchor link on the description. Is not this the same as getting inbound links? Because Filckr display your photos on public display will be tracked by search engines.

    You need to note that this technique is not use as keyword spamming, because it risky for your website.

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