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    Link Building is one of the most effective ways to improve your site link popularity and better rankings on Search Engines through the internet. Creating good and quality links around your web site or blog, you can easily improve your overall ratings, Google PR and traffic from search engines and other web sites! Good and one of the first thing you should do about this is to submit your web site to Web Directories.

    There are more than 100 Free SEO Friendly Directories, I’ll soon compile the most popular web directories where you can submit your web site or blog completely for free. These directories are well known and get’s good amount of visitors per day. Of course, subscribing to more of these directories, you can improve your link popularity or Google PR for sure and completely for free!

    How to Subscribe to Directories ?

    This is easy process, but it can take much time for you. Also, some directories requires free registration process to submit links in their database. I recommend you to check these Directories when you have more time.

    Usually, submission is really simple and quick on most listed directories! In most cases, you need to:

    • Find appropriate category where you want to submit your site in!
    • Find Suggest URL, Add URL or Submit your site links on these pages.
    • Fill out necessary form to include your submission.
    • Wait for directory inclusion – don’t submit your sites more than once!
    • When my Web Site Shows in Directory ?

    Well, that depends from directory to directory. For example, submissions on DMOZ directory may take several months. But on some other PR4 directory can take day or two. Of course, this depends on directory popularity and number of included web sites in own database.

    I recommend you to submit your site only ONCE per directory. Good way is to make own templates for Title and Description tags because Google doesn’t like when see exactly the same tags on many places! Note that this may cause your blog or web site to be marked as spam and of course exclusion from Google search engine – which is not good of course!


    With this link building technique you can easily improve your site:

    • Google Page Rank Value
    • Link Popularity
    • Positions on SERP
    • Get Some Traffic

    Only bad thing is that this technique can take much more time than any other link building technique! But, you will be credited for your hard work once believe me!

    Source : Bashbosh

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