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  • Build Brand Awareness with AdWords

    Google AdWords is one of the best places to advertise your website. Most people, however, avoid using it thinking that they would need a big budget in order to obtain results. Not the kind of that,  especially if your goal is to build brand awareness rather than to generate massive traffic on your site.

    You can create mainly two types of ads on AdWords: text ads and image ads. While less popular around the Internet, the image ads represent a very efficient tool to build your brand. First of all because a catchy banner will make your name or logo stick in people’s head. Secondly, because you can play smart with the campaign settings in order to obtain a surprisingly low cost per impression.

    Image ads have a cost per click just like text ads, and you can set this cost as low as $0.01 per click. At this range you will not get many clicks, that is for sure. As we mentioned before, however, your goal here is to build brand awareness, so as long as you are getting impressions you will be fine.

    My advice would be to start with the lowest possible bid and raise it by one cent every week until you start getting the desired number of impressions. Some of my campaigns have a CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) as low as $0.05. That is, for every 1,000 times that my banner is displayed I paid, on average, $0.05.

    In order to create an image ad you will need to log into your AdWords account, then click on “Create new keyword-targeted campaign.” Afterwards just follow the instructions until they ask you what type of ad you want to create. Notice that you will need to have a banner ready to go, and the 468×60 format usually is the most popular one.

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