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  • Blogwalking? builds Link Popularities

    Blogwalking is a term in the world of bloggers that could mean a blogger who ‘walk’ into other people’s blogs. Usually a blogger will leave a ‘trail’ on the blog he visited, namely by providing comments on the articles that have been read. Apparently this is not the activity futile. By leaving a link on the site visited, the popularity of your blog in the sight of Search Engines will increasingly be taken into account. Not only that, the popularity of your site can be improved even in the eyes of the bloggers. isn’t it enough? If you visit a site that has the same topic with your site, your site will also have the potential to be visited by other visitors because it has the same relevance to the topic at these blogs.

    But there are some things we need to consider, namely:
    • some blogs use nofollow facilities in the comments section, which means limiting the Search Engine to browse these blogs. Thus, the link that you include in your comment, will not affect the eyes of Search Engines. This is because the site owner does not want his popularity declined in the eyes of Search Engines for being made a link farm

    • The popularity of a highly visited blogs affect to the assessment of how valuable a link to the Search Engine. On my opinion, find blogs that have a high PageRank for a link to you, you’ll be appreciated by the Search Engine expensively. And then, Google is applying the assessment per page site, not per site. Thus, in a site, PageRank can be different obtained on each page. I use the Add-on SEO Quake to know the PageRank of a page. You can also try
    • Choose the words that do not offend to anyone. If the admin feels offended, then your comment might be deleted by the admin. Even worse, if you use the word offend a community, then your name will be tarnished from the world of bloggers (bloggers have long memories, so we have to avoid conflicts with them).

    Link building techniques to provide comments on the blogs of others can be categorized in the non-reciprocal links.
    If your site has content that will benefit many people, you don’t have to worry with this technique, many bloggers who will voluntarily make specific information about your site with a back-link to your site so your work will be helped at all.
    Want to try? Why don’t you try it first with a comment on this site.

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