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    Looks like the title of a famous online game, huh? Yes, you are right. Ragnarok (MMORPG) : Merchant. But we aren’t talk about that enjoyable game, cause we will talking about dollars, not zeny. We are in Blog Monetizing World.
    Blog is fairly interesting for today. Somehow, there are many stories of some successful bloggers to earn millions of dollars.

    There are many ways to do this by monetizing our blog(s) with no possibility to drive off or frighten your visitors (in more case will be your customers). The ways to make blogs to make money are started by knowing how you will get those green, what will you sell to another. So, let’s see it…
    Yes, Merchandising or, I would like to say it as Merchant. Is something you can make as a souvenir, as a memoir, as knowledge, or even just as a collection.

    Try to make something that your visitors like, your visitors need, so they will buy it and become loyal customers. Give what they want and try to make money by selling goods.

    Last, but not least, keep you sense to any trend that may impacting to your visitors wants.
    1. This favorite site lets you create your blog logo on shirts, bags, mats and other items. Or even, you can just make a clothing design, and get the profit of it selling.
    2. Design and sell products is that you created yourself with
    3. Content Hard Copy: Make a book, a CD/DVD compilation with organized content which you can access them offline. You can take a step further by selling subscription update.
    4. GoodStorm: Like and, GoodStorm is a good way to create and sell goods made by your own.

    So, get start to monetize your blog, earn money from your online activities!!

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