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  • Biking through Indonesia

    Getting out and exploring Bali should be on everybody’s holiday itinerary, Once away from the more touristy areas of the island it’s easy to see how the island gained its reputation as one of the most diverse holiday destinations in the world. The more adventurous traveler has a host of inland activities to choose from – whitewater rafting, river kayaking, tandem parachuting, elephant safaris, rice paddy trekking, horse riding and off road motorcycling to name a few and there is no danger of being lost for something to do.

    Guided mountain biking tours are very popular in Bali, where tourists can enjoy exploring the beauty of the island’s interior on two wheels away from the busy streets of the south. The various routes take bikers through the back streets of small rural villages, where they can enjoy

    the island’s spectacular rice paddies and the natural splendour of its mountainous heart. Tours are more tailored towards the leisure cyclist and not the hardened enthusiast – most of the routes tend to go downhill more than up but it’s a fantastic way to experience parts of the island not accessible by car.

    The mountainous area of Kintamani around the crater of Mount Batur is a popular starting point with bikers heading down towards Ubud. This takes bikers through contrasting vegetation as the altitude changes – Kintamani is too high to farm rice and the area is full of fruit and vegetable plantations and pine forests. As bikers make their way through traditional Balinese villages towards Ubud, the rice paddies replace the trees and the cool mountain air becomes distinctly warmer. More remote areas of Bali offer equally stunning scenery, coast of the island which provide excellent mountain biking opportunities.

    In West Java, the hills of the Puncak area offer a cool respite from the heart of the city and an excellent base from which to enjoy trekking, mountain biking and paragliding. Regular mountain bike tours of the area are organized by the Indonesian Mountain Biking Association.

    Alternatively bike enthusiasts can explore the Ciliwung tea plantation – the Puncak is home to West Java’s main tea plantations.

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