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  • Beware of your facebook account

    Be careful with your facebook account, because of your own carelessness can lead to things that are fatal.
    It’s not a secret anymore that the trend is grounded facebook and touched all walks of life throughout the world. Starting from young executives, officials, artists, students, housewives, and even small children joined facebook affected by the epidemic.

    Then what is the danger with facebook? Is such a concern of the scholars in the eastern Java finally prohibited facebook?
    Unfortunately, that’s not a threat to their facebook users. Not adversely affect the work ethic, social relationships in the real world, as well as intimate relationship to God.
    What exactly was the threat is narcissism of ourselves and the desire to find old friends all the time not connected.

    If I ask, what you fill in your profile? What is so complete and detailed so that each word can be translated easily by everyone?
    Maybe your good intentions to the people who knew you could add or contact you easily with your profile data is complete.

    But you realize that the openness of your profile that others can use to do a negative? At times there used to be excited term Friendster phishing, where someone hacked somebody else’s account with different objectives, which of course they do not have the benefit of the account owner, even detrimental.

    So from now on be careful with your facebook account profile. Not have to open up describing everything in detail. At least the smallest risk is if you put a phone number / mobile phone, you will more often get miss calls.

    As is often the advice we had diutarakn parents: Do not talk to strangers! in the sense of here we do not open up first on the people who we know well yet. Although sometimes people we know well can betray you.

    Socialize with good and safe, to facebook with fun.

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