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  • Between ranks and incomes

    It’s like a dilemma when we have to choose between one of them. Why so hard to choose? Aren’t we can bail out the two? Getting good ranks and the abundant of revenue from the internet marketing.

    Unfortunately, in a consideration we have to sacrifice one of them, or at least make them balanced. In case, this is happened to the owners of websites / blogs that have a simple target, non-selling product assets, non-branding awareness, and other similar – like me.

    Because of an issue like this will never be experienced by the website’s such as Nokia, Canon, Sony, HP and others who already have their fans and their own consumer segment.

    The problem is when we (the owner of non-selling product blog contents) incorrectly improvising one side, for example by selling links as a way of getting more money than the affiliate or publisher, or advertise and multiple outbound links in paid review posts list … This course will reduce the assessment by the Search Engines and some visitors.

    Or in the case of vice versa; embracing many links exchange to other relevant websites, goes to community and others to reap a good ranking in the eyes of Search Engines.

    Aren’t those two become a reflection of the above embodiment a two-edged sword. Attacking and Suicides. At least it is a narrow-minded assumption of a newcomer to the internet marketing like me. Maybe you can give opinions and answers to my vertigo?

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