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    Anchor links are the words that you associate to a web page through a link. In another term, it is a camouflage / disguised reference to a web page form in word / phrase used.

    In the context of using SEO techniques on the links contained in the web content, we need to consider the accuracy and suitability of the content topics of a web page reference.
    Create a reference to the content of the “Tourism” to the web pages that discuss “Vacation“, not on the web page that talks about “Culinary” (although there is the phrase of “Culinary tourism“).
    This is to give the impression that the page you want to go / refers to the discussion of an appropriate thing to bookmark web pages, relevant to the words that became his camouflage.

    When the spiders of search engines are crawling and follow the links which references, it also will find the appropriate keywords to the anchor link.
    The relevance of this will give the impression to the crawler that you do not carelessly linking reference links and pages. Because the search engines basically hates for Paid Review program that requires their publisher to make an anchor link to the advertiser’s web.

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