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  • Again, About The Myths of SEO

    Myth #1 – Meta Tags

    Many search engine optimization experts try to tell you the Meta Description and Meta Keyword tags do not work or are obsolete, infact, while in fact they are a large factor in receiving good and relevant search engine traffic.

    Myth #2 – Submitting Often

    SEO Experts do not want you to submit your site or pages very often. While it isn’t good to submit pages to a search engine repeatedly in a short time frame, it is still a good idea to submit your web pages at least every two or three weeks till the content begins to appear in that particular search engine.

    Myth #3 – Optimizing Your Website In-house

    SEO Experts and SEO companies do not want you to optimize your website yourself; they cannot make any money that way. They want to charge you a very large fee to do it for you. YOU CAN optimize your website in-house and do a great job. This entire book is about search optimization in-house. If you visit SEO websites and forums, they will do their best to keep you bewildered and confused in hopes of selling you their SEO services.

    Myth #4 – Search Engine Algorithm Changes

    SEO experts will lead you to believe that when a search engine company changes their algorithm that it will cause you to lose referrals and ranking. Quality content and proper optimization will

    stand the test of time and search engine algorithm changes.

    Myth #5 – Reciprocal Linking

    The experts will lead you to believe that Reciprocal Linking is a “must do” thing. While having links from other sites to yours is good, it is not something you should waste long hours convincing other website owners to link to yours. If you have good unique content then other sites will link to you without you having to type up one email or make one phone call. If you follow, my approach to search engine optimization those incoming links will come as well.

    Myth #6 – Page Rank Is Everything

    SEO experts and companies will lead you to believe that to have good search referrals you must be highly ranked by the search engines (i.e.: PR or Page Rank). This myth is utterly preposterous. I have several websites with page ranks of zero yet receive thousands and thousands of search engine referrals each month, month after month.

    Myth #7 Sitewide Linking Doesn’t Work

    Wrong, site-wide links do work and anyone who tells you otherwise is just fooling him or herself or is trying to mislead you.

    Myth #8 New Sites Do Not Have a Chance in the Search Engines

    I nearly laugh when I read someone telling readers that new sites will take forever to show up in search engines, or that they will be sandboxed for a period of time in the search engines.

    Myth # 9 Automated Submission Tools Will Get Me Listed in a

    1,000+ Search Engines

    While automated tools have their place, it is definitely does not have a place in submitting to search engines. Do not waste your money on automated search engine submissions or services. Chances are if you use one, you will not get the results you expected and will be wasting your hard-earned money.

    Myth # 10 Everyone Posting on SEO Forums Are Experts

    Now that is hilarious! See SEO Experts – Seeds of Confusion and Myths section of chapter one.

    There are quite a few other search engine optimization myths floating around out there but we are only covering the most popular ones to in this book. If it does not make sense, or you read it on a SEO forum then it is more than likely a SEO myth or SEO urban legend. There are people out there giving good advice, but most are as bewildered and confused as you are about search engine optimization.

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