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    Almost all of my techniques implemented in reply to the AdSense-derived or developed from the basic AdSense techniques, I am sure it is common knowledge. In addition to frequently discussed in forums, basic techniques also described himself by Google on their Optimizing Tips.

    Ad Format Units

    In general, ad units are the most favorable reply squares (rectangle), the reply format 336 × 280, 300 × 250, and 250 × 250. Avoid using a 60 × 468 format for nearly all Internet users are aware that it is advertising.

    If you want to put a vertical ad, you should use the format 160 × 600. Essentials in mind, avoid vertical advertise on the site with 2 column layout structure. As for the 3 column layout, place these ads in the middle column, between the main content of the sidebar reply site navigation.

    Ad Placement

    1. Make sure there is at least one ad units attached reply at the top of the site or the term “above the fold”. In other words, put an ad in the position where the guests do not need to roll up the screen to see it.
    2. Distribute ad units to spread in various locations, do not collect it at one point. Point is to avoid saturation of visitors and the assumption that our site is the MFA.
    3. If your site’s main content slightly (about 3 paragraphs or less), enough to put one ad units just in between the article title and content of the article; or after the article. If the main content enough, pairs of two ad units and place in position that mentioned earlier. If it is a long  article, you can add one ad unit again on middle articles. If you use WordPress platform, you can use the tricks I gave some time ago.
    4. You can also install two ad units, although the main content only slightly. But make sure that his position is not too close together. One trick, you can put other contents after the main article before installing ad unit below.

    Link Units

    Many publishers forget the existence of a link yg units because they are not attractive. Yet the experience of nearly every publisher wrote to use it, the link units proved to contribute income not reply less, often even larger than the reply generated by the ad units.

    Almost the same as ad units, link units avoid measuring 468 × 15. As much as possible the link units format pairs of 768 × 15 (5 units) and put in the header of your site. This will give the impression that these units is the site navigation menu, not advertising.

    AdSense For Search

    From custom surf, visitors will always find the search box in the upper right corner of your site first before looking elsewhere. So, without preamble, as much as possible put your search box in the position. At least in the top position in your sidebar.

    Blended or Stand-Out

    Blended means a combination of colors you use to reply ad or link units and integrated units in accordance with the layout of your site as a whole. Conversely, Stand-Out means the use of intentionally wrote colors striking impression (or striking well) that attract more visitors.

    Although many people recommend using blended model, but from my own experience, the model stand-out performance is no less than the blended model. So for this, I leave to each publishers to choose the most good.

    And not to forget, if you want to use a blended model, make sure the background color and border color ad units with well-chosen background color of your site, so impressed to become part of the content.

    One more tips, links in blue color relatively more clicks than others. This is related to the internet visitor wrote mindset has been formed long ago that the blue is a link to other sites on the Internet.

    * Although proven true, there’s no rules above 100% binding. Your site layout is also slightly more influence what format the most appropriate layout for use. Do more experiments to each formats, both its form and location, to find out where the most suitable for your site

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