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  • 6 ways to build good backlinks

    1. Submit to Directories

    Yes of course, by submitting your pages to many directories at least you will have many doorway that lead to your site. And it means to a good promotions and invite more visitors
    2. Article Marketing

    This could make you pages as the most refferences cause it used by many people who will put your web as the source. What a good one way link!

    3. Link Baiting

    According to this, you might read more in my other post about link bait

    4. Link Exchange

    I don’t preffer to this tips, but this is such a good way to build good relationship to another blogger or webmasters. I case, if somebody visit their blog/site they will find your site there. This is a simply nice promotion.
    5. Blog Commenting

    In the blogosphere, it usually called as Blogwalking and leave any good comments. Yes, leave any anchor link to your web, so it will lead to. But this tips is deppend to the rel do follow or no follow. You can read nice trick in signature comments.
    6. Social Media Marketing

    This tips may need some money topay. Cause you should pay to any brokers and or publisher who willing to review your web, or just put your link as an ads.

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