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  • 6 steps shouldn’t do to monetize your blog

    Dredges portion in internet of course between hard and easy. Easy if we knew the trick, hard if not try to finds the way. Like a gambling, its rather hard to expect. Many internet marketers is failing because do not want to use the suggestions which widespread in virtual world. As long as takes a gamble on, permits all groundless ways of basic knowledge.

    Following some suggestion from me who only a new comer that is also still must do many learning. At least, by writing this article I also is reminded again. Anyway, these suggestions is under inspiration from the other internet marketers which have been succeeding.

    1. Lazy to updates blog

    Consistency is the key. With consistency to updates contents of your blog automatic will invite the Search engine to crawl your blog. And the visitors will always vexed with any new things in your blog. How can we draw the buyer if our shop is only contain some old junkies.

    2. Doesn’t learn SEO

    What is the good to build a shop if no-one knows if our shop is good to visit. The general way to introduce our shop is with some promotion, and the way is applied by optimize the detection of Search Engine a kind of Google to find our blog, and locates it in strategic position in order to be known by public. Because more than 60% internet user looks for a matter by using Search engine.

    3. Do not want to build community

    Though the visitors who comes from Search Engine are having good prospect, but don’t forget the possibility of the visitor from the communities. Takes an example if your blog is about automotive, and you are obliged to join in various of online automotive communities. More and more will get better impact to your blog, because that way you can also promote your blog.

    4. Don’t want to try new thing

    Google AdSense is not the only way to earn money from blog. If you feels that your earning from Adsense is unsatisfying, why don’t you try the other opportunities? Such as Cost Per Auction ( CPA), Paid review ( lately becomes trend of blog monetizing now-day), or the other. Like the advice of Ndoro Kakung, basically not the blog that makes us rich, but through the blog we may find the way to be.

    5. Learning but lack of the practice?

    Now, a lot of information source about circulating internet business. From free, payee, illegal copy  finite. Somehow it has the good aim, many choices to learn. But it has the negativity side also, too much circulating information can make us to become confuse in conducting action. Many theory thus possibly is interfere to each other, exactly delays the application of you to apply the theory as soon as now.

    6. Doesn’t learn from experience

    Either learning from experience of our self and also experience of others. Stayed to the position which has no result, whereas others is always having order and earns more portion and much more.

    Anyone possibly add for the seventh, eight, etc…

    Source : Cosaaranda

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