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  • 5 ways to engage readers

    If you are investing your time and money into a blog, you want to ensure that you are captivating your readers with great content. But how can you create a fantastic relationship between you and your readers?

    In this article, we are going to look at how to adapt your writing style in order to engage visitors to your blog further.

    1. Use direct-address techniques. Those who have studied English Language will know what I mean! Direct-address techniques are where you use phrases such as “you” and “your” to talk to your reader on a personal level, emulating a face-to-face conversation. An example could be: “If you are looking for advice on the best places to get a pedicure, this is the blog for you.” It is much less formal and much more personable.

    2. Ask questions of your readers. In the introduction and conclusion, you have prime territory for asking a question. The queries you make during your intro should aim to make the reader think and feel compelled to continue reading your blog post to get answers. Meanwhile, your conclusion is the perfect place to ask further questions that might motivate them to respond through a comment, enabling debate and conversation to take place on your website.

    3. Post a video blog from time to time! Words can create characters, yes, but by uploading a vlog onto YouTube (and then embedding it into your blog), you can show your readers the real you. This will enable your readers to release that behind the blog, there is a real person, and if you have a bubbly personality and a fantastic demeanour, you can guarantee that they will be back for more in the days to come.

    4. Make promises to your readers. This does not have to be something entirely elaborate, just a little something like “make sure you come back tomorrow, when I will be reviewing all of your questions in a brand-new blog post”.

    By conversing with your readers and telling them what is coming up, they will know that you put them first. Just like many people love listening to the radio because of the personal bond they may have with the DJ, you have the opportunity to create this with the people you write for.

    5. You will know this already: create a compelling headline. They say these days that a headline has to be “re-tweetable” if it is going to have any potential. By making your blog post headline snappy and short, but to the point, your readers will be curious to see what all the fuss is about.

    If you follow these simple instructions, there is no doubt that you will have them all coming back for more. So, what are you waiting for?

    written by Connor Sephton,

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