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  • 3 Elements Of A Niche Site Empire

    The first thing I’d like to look at is the three elements of a niche site empire. This section of the report will act as an overview of what is required and will lay the foundations for the specific action steps that will be laid out in the coming chapters.

    These are the three THINGS (for lack of a better word) that are required to build a niche site empire. There are other small processes that we will talk about but for the most part they fall under one of these three THINGS. Here are the three:

    1. A Niche Site

    Surprise surprise, if you want to make money from niche marketing, you need niche sites. Preferrably as many as manage effectively.

    This element is split into two major aspects. To get a niche site you need (again this will be very surprising) a NICHE and a SITE. You have to find a niche and build a site.

    There are many ways to do this. Allow me to simplify them as much as possible. Whatever your desired form of monetizing, you need to find a niche with just a few important elements. Regardless of what you’ve heard about how deeply you have to analyze numbers and look at a hundred different factors before picking a niche, really all you need to find is:

    • A niche that has relatively little competition in the search engines, analyzed by looking at the number of pages of results a term has when you enter it into Google, Yahoo or MSN.
    • A niche or a topic that is in demand, evidenced by looking at the level of search volume with a tool like
    • A niche that is profitable ie it has products that are being sold that people are buying online, with affiliate programs that offer you good conditions, decent payouts and reliable tracking.

    That’s it. and remember that by making a large number of small sites using the niche empire method, your site creation and money making activities do the testing for you.

    The other thing a lot of people don’t realize is that you might come across a niche that based on the keywords you have researched doesn’t appear to be that profitable, then you put up a site and you get traffic from all kinds of long tail phrases that never showed up in overture or Google or anywhere… you never know unless you actually put up a mini site and promote it!

    Nevertheless, as long as you make sure a niche has at least 1000 searches in overture and under say 5 million results in Google (and it has at least one quality product that seems to be selling) there is a chance it could be pull you some good traffic, sales and of course CASH. Next you need to make a site.

    Again there are many ways to make a niche site but in my experience the easiest is to use a WordPress blog as your site. This is for a number of reasons.

    1. Google loves WordPress blogs. With simple SEO and promotional efforts I’ve found it very easy relative to other methods to get indexed and ranked well for any given term using a WordPress bloga. Further to that, hundreds of people who read NMOC will testify to this fact as they have been able to produce similar results following my system. The structure of WP blogs, when setup right is so SEO friendly.
    2. They are so easy to setup and manage. At the end of the day when you are trying to create and manage a large number of sites, you need the sites to be as easy to run as possible. WP makes it so easy to create, add content to and keep updated a profitable mini site empire of your own. Normally it takes only a few hours to setup a complete niche site but later in the report I’ll be revealing a new way that you can do it in just 5 minutes.

    That pretty much covers the site creation process. You find a good niche and setup a niche site using a wordpress blog. You will soon learn how to make a large number of these websites very quickly so that you’ll be testing a lot of niches simultaneously and learning what’s profitable and what isn’t AS you make money.

    2. Content

    The next thing you will need that has to be generated is content. There are really only three profitable ways to get the content you need for your niche sites. The content you need is article content. Keyword optimized articles that are informative and relate to the product or niche of your site. We’ll get into exactly how the content is to be used in the next section but for now the three ways to generate your content are:

    1. Write the articles yourself. There should many ways to find and bring the ideas into articles. Provide the genuine things so the reader will mark us as The Creator, bring new stuff, and original.
    2. Have someone write the articles for you. As I have explained to my private forum members, it is easy to get people on rentacoder to write for you for under $5 an article. Just ask for exactly what you want and offer them ongoing work.
    3. You can rewrite PLR articles. You can use Premade PLR article packs, rewrite the content to suit your site and your keywords and have an easy source of content.

    3. Promotion

    You’ve got a good niche, a good website, all you need is promotion to get people to that site. The idea is to drive traffic to your site both directly from the search engines and indirectly by having people find your site through other sites like various directories, blogs and other people’s websites.

    The thing to realize is that when you have selected a good and uncompetitive niche, you won’t HAVE to do months of promotional work to start getting some good traffic to your websites.

    Here are the main, basic but powerful aspects of promotion for the typical niche mini site, optimized for the average individual (ie if you have more money and super resources there are other methods available).

    1. Article submissions: You need at least a few articles both for content on your site AND to submit to article directories. Using some of the more popular directories like Ezine Articles, Goarticles and Articledashboard you can get exposure to your site by people finding your articles in the directories, by those articles ranking in the search engines and getting SE traffic, and by those articles giving you backlinks that will in turn improve your actual sites SE rankings.
    2. Backlinks: There are many ways to generate backlinks but the general increasing of promotion of your site through the obtaining of in particular anchor text backlinks for your main keywords is an integral part of the promotion for your site.
    3. Other traffic drivers: Include things like social bookmarking, feeder websites and other more advanced traffic generation methods. In terms of an overview, this pretty much covers the essentials of what’s involved with having a niche site empire…
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