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  • 13 Myth of Increasing Pagerank

    These might be just a mild tips how to increase our PageRank. If I still prefer the myth because the level of accuracy is never be guaranteed. Because no one can find the real formula that can be increase our PageRank (No one but people in Google). So, here they are :

    Make an original and useful content

    Why I usually brought this sentece to my post? Was it i’m sure that i have all the genuine content? Hey, no one really make a 100% genuine post. Just like a melody, there are only 7 bar to put in the song. So it does. Everyone just read the other articles, learn it, and make a brand new post from the similar basic line. The meaning of original content is the trully article that made by your own language, your own decission of choosing and chains the words. That’s why a big distance to see the differences of creative and innovative. Can you guess it?
    Blogwalking and leave a comment
    In some case blogwalking is useful to build back-links as well to add a friend (read: link) and establish Hospitality with the other bloggers. Blogwalking can also add new insights and news you may not know.  And leaving comments may attracts peoples to know better who we are, what do we have.
    Try to join Blogcatalog and Mybloglog community, and put widget on your blog. Beside to displayed blog friends  photos, Mybloglog supposedly capable of increasing the number of index and link popularity. If you do not believe try it for yourself.
    Serials awarding
    Just make a big campaign, and spread all around the world wide web. Invite anyone to join, Send an award to a blogger, then pass it to another blogger. Remember, this viral action bring so many tags and back-links, so it will be worth to your link popularity and PageRank. But, becareful for thus serial award, cause Google has goodly dog-noose to smell something cheat like this.

    Submit the search engine directory, article directory or blog directory
    Submit your blog to Search engines, or if you’re not usual of this, use freewebsubmission service. With one click you can register your blog to multiple services Search engine and directory sites others. Back-link from large sites can be found for free. But please read my article about search engine submission first.
    Check and Treat using webmaster tools
    Please check and treat your blog by using the webmaster tools. I suggest to use the service from google webmaster tools. do not forget to verify your blog with these services. so they can check the blog from pages errors, broken links, or validity of the html. please learn for their tools because if the error pages that just left away, it can cause the decrease of SERP on page search engine, even indexing of your pages can disappear.
    Link Entry and Exit Links
    Try to manage the number of links that outgoing should be less than the incoming link. Try the links in that lead to your blog is greater than the exit link. Many links usually happens when you join the paid to review and paid to links affiliate program. Because the program usually requires installing an anchor link on our blog, while we put the links do not necessarily have anything to do with our blog. That’s why Google hates these programs.
    Actually a good link is a link that has one way links. Though it mean to be selfish, you can trick it away by try to make blog templates that containing your blog address. It will automatically known as a single way link.
    Increase traffic and popularity
    Please increase your blog traffic by learning SEO. Traffic is usually bringing good marks from Search engines and visitors. Try the opportunity to get bookmarked in many social media/articles.
    Regular posts and updates by continue
    Posts regularly and continuely, do not let your spirit in the first month that could posted to 100 posts at once, but in the next month you do not post at all. This is not just one big step, it will follows with another steps to the destination. You can update blogs regularly, 1-2 days per post is quitely good.
    Internal links
    Actually this is a simple way to hold the visitors for stay as longer as they can. The information which their needs are contain in a big circulation. They can find A here, but attract them to read B, then C, then D, and so on. It can be created by puts some anchor links in each of your post which refers to another of your own posts.
    Hopes that God will help us
    Because google is unpredictable, uncalculate-able. Lucky factor still may be very influential. So do not forget the last step for your business over the google for being kind to you

    How do you think about all above? Are they any going to corrects or adds?

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