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  • 101 Writing Ideas for Bloggers

    There are times when you know that you want to write something but you have absolutely no idea about what. This is a common condition in life of every writer out there, popularly called as “writer’s block”.

    This condition is closely related to the inspiration and creativity of a writer, and it is usually a temporary condition state. In this article, I will present you some suggestions which may force you to think and came up with new ideas easily.

    1. Ask your readers what they would like to see on your blog;
    2. Write a killer article in your niche;
    3. Write a tutorial about something in your niche;
    4. Do an interview with some popular people in your niche;
    5. Do some case study like this one;
    6. Write a long comment on your (or other) blog;
    7. Create a list post (like this one);
    8. Encourage your readers to add post on your website;
    9. Write a post composed from your own blog links;
    10. Browse through forum boards in your niche to find what people are talking about;

    11. Create an inspirational post;
    12. Write a post series;
    13. Make a post that solves a niche-related problem;
    14. Make your own research and post results;
    15. Create a simple guide for your own niche;
    16. Write a post like you are telling a story;
    17. Transcribe some popular events in your niche;
    18. Make a post by summarizing a post from someone else;
    19. Create a “stats” post with your own charts;
    20. Pay someone to post on your blog;
    21. Profile the competition in your niche;
    22. Write about a particular topic for one day a week;
    23. Reveal your blog stats with your readers weekly or monthly;
    24. Combine some of your best posts and create an article like this;
    25. Participate in a reciprocal blogging technique;
    26. Write about how to do something better in your niche;
    27. Reveal some less-known secrets in your niche;
    28. Write with a personal tone;
    29. Post about what is popular in your niche;
    30. Review product and services related to your blog topic;
    31. Make a retrospective post of your own blog;
    32. Write some articles targeted to a beginners;
    33. Review local business on your own blog;
    34. Visit social bookmarking sites like to find what is popular now;
    35. Use Google Trends to know which keywords are popular;
    36. Use Google Alert to automatically get a message when something new is posted on internet, related to your own keywords;
    37. Twitter and Facebook are great ways to find out what is popular in real-time instantly;
    38. Create a post containing mostly images;
    39. Make a post simplifying a problem for your readers;
    40. Write something controversial;
    41. Create a special resource pages;
    42. Find out what to write about from a book related to your niche;
    43. Use websites like and eHow to find ideas;
    44. Search Wikipedia to find more about the topic you want to write;
    45. Write a season-posts for a holidays;
    46. I wish I had… then I would… type of posts;
    47. I wish I never… type of posts;
    48. Connect with bloggers around your level and share ideas between;
    49. Search through Google Blog search to find ideas;
    50. Make a post for advanced readers;
    51. Write a post to offer something to your readers (contest);
    52. Ask yourself a questions in a post;
    53. Post a poll on your blog;
    54. Answer your reader in a post like this;
    55. Share which blogs and sites you regularly read;
    56. Write weekly post wraps;
    57. Write about something you learn recently;
    58. Write about popular posts on your blog;
    59. Tell your readers how someone do something in your niche;
    60. Create a mini post series (multiple page posts);
    61. Make a post with your favorite blog articles;
    62. Do something useful for people using the same tools as you;
    63. Make fun of yourself showing how you failed in something;
    64. Criticize a highly popular website in your niche;
    65. Be first to publish something “trendy”;
    66. Expand a well-known area in your niche if you can;
    67. Expand a less-known area in your niche;
    68. Compile a list of definitions related to your own niche;
    69. Compile a list of quotes related to your blog topic;
    70. Write about a recent changes on your website;
    71. Help your readers to find cheap offers;
    72. Allow readers to introduce themselves on your blog;
    73. Post about the best commenters on your blog;
    74. Explain why your enemies are wrong, and you are right;
    75. Write a post providing pros and cons of the topic;
    76. Make a satirical post;
    77. Publish your own free e-book guide like I do;
    78. Review other e-book guides in your niche;
    79. Make a note to your future blog development;
    80. Express your opinion about a recent news in your niche;
    81. Interview Ordinary Joes in your niche;
    82. Make a list of people to follow on Twitter;
    83. Compile a FAQ section post on your blog;
    84. Write about how NOT to do something;
    85. Focus on the negative aspects in your own niche;
    86. Criticize other niches;
    87. Write about how much you make money;
    88. List related and relevant forums related to your blog;
    89. Share where to buy things in your niche;
    90. Develop specific, step-by-step posts;
    91. Write about things learned from a magazine you read;
    92. Provide your readers with some freebies;
    93. Create own product and write about it on your blog;
    94. Showcase the best comments or emails that you receive;
    95. Write a poem related to your niche;
    96. Compile a list of the best niche-related jokes;
    97. The history of… type of posts;
    98. Shoot your own videos;
    99. Run your own blog podcasts;
    100. Help your readers to learn from your own mistakes;
    101. Write something unusual;

    Source Bashbosh

    Do you have any other suggestion? Feel free to post comment below and share any additional tips & tricks :)

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