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  • 101 List – Effective Link Building Technique

    A lot of bloggers and webmasters like killer articles which can boost link popularity and search engine rankings of their web sites or blogs. In this post I’d tell you how you can easily improve link building technique for your sites. Other bloggers and webmasters can’t resist to link back to quality articles on other sites. Specially these “101 List” articles!

    How to write “101 List” articles ?

    You can write these articles on every web site or blog. I’d recommend you to write articles related to your site niche. You can write anything like: 101 List of WHAT. WHAT is related to anything you want to write on your site. I know that collecting informations for this kind of articles can take much more time than for other articles. But believe me, It works and it have very good link building potential.

    Why others link back to these articles ?

    Other bloggers and web site owners simply can’t resist to link back to these articles from own web sites or blogs. This can easily improve your link popularity rating as well your site search engine ratings and better positions on them.

    101 List articles have very large linkback potential. Visitors simply like these articles, and they want to link back to your site from own sites or blogs. Also, you can get many loyal visitors and more traffic to your site.


    “101 List” articles are proved link building technique. By this way, you can improve your site traffic, search engine rankings and overall link popularity. I also recommend you to write quality and related “101 List” articles on your web site.

    These articles can takes much more time than regular articles, but it’s very effective and useful, let’s say promotion and link building technique for your web site.

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