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  • 10 Ways to Show your Best Stuff

    Readers come to your blog for its content. So it’s very important to show them off the best content you have to offer. This will help readers to read through your blog, finding more valuable information.

    This is a long-term process to get some more read through of your content. So, I am going to show you 10 ways to help show readers your best stuff. Letting them know what the best your blog has to offer.

    1. Introduce featured content. This could be a list of reader favorites, the most popular posts, most commented posts, your favorite posts, and so on. Most bloggers handle this with a special plugins and widgets. Featuring the most popular posts on your sidebar is one of the most important elements of it, as it shows new visitors which area of your blog is worth exploring.

    2. Choose which content to provide. Though most bloggers handle these lists with a plugins or a widget, it is recommended to have your own controlled list of the most popular posts. There are plenty of benefits doing it manually, because this way you absolutely control on which posts may be useful for your readers.

    3. Make your featured content easily spotted. In either way, you need to place your list in easily spotted place. Most bloggers place it in their blog sidebar, while others place them on the home page. As you can see, I have a featured post script shown on my home page (manually added), and the most popular (mostly commented) list on my sidebar area. It’s definitely not recommended to place your featured content in your footer or somewhere near bottom of your blog.

    4. Use images to draw attention to your posts. Images are great to draw some attention from your readers. I generally like when I come to these blogs, because I think this is a great way to draw some readers. These images are usually displayed in the sidebar and they are quite easy to notice.

    5. Regularly change your featured posts. If you manage your featured posts list manually, it is important to change this list regularly as you write more on your blog. Giving your readers to know which posts are valuable for you and your visitors. Most “popular post” plugins and widgets might have a problem with this, because they will show an automated list instead of showing your own one.

    6. Use automated plugins to show some posts. An automated plugins and widgets are useful if you want to get some list types. For example: The most viewed posts or the most commented posts. It is always better to leave these lists automated to receive the best results.

    7. Give them something to read further. Always try to give your readers something more to read. Allowing them to stay as long they can on your blog. This way you might get some new loyal visitors. You can do that by placing some related posts in your post footer.

    8. Link to the targeted articles in your newer posts. As you write down some new posts, it is always good to cross-link your related terms with the targeted posts you have previously written. This might get your blog more read-through rating and your visitors more valuable information. These links are very important and you should place them whenever you can.

    9. Provide links to your email subscribers. Do not forget your email subscribers. If you don’t have something to write for them, it is recommended to write down some featured post lists once in a while. These kinds of newsletters are quite popular today and most bloggers usually write them once they have nothing special to provide to their subscribers.

    10. Use more featured list types. It is best to provide as much valuable information you can for your readers. And there are some featured list types:

    • Most popular posts
    • Most viewed posts
    • Most commented posts
    • Time-limited post list (week, month, year…)
    • Targeted post list (posts for beginners, professionals…)

    As you can see, the opportunities are unlimited. You can compose almost any list you want, as long they are useful for your readers and audience.

    You can, of course, combine any list on your blog. This might only improve your blog functionality and read-through of your readers. Feel free to tell me what you think about these featured lists using the comment form below.

    Source : Bashbosh

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