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  • 10 Mistakes of Bloggers

    Anyone can make a mistake when they work something. I have seen a hundreds of bloggers and webmasters over the years which make similar mistakes on their sites and blogs. If you do these mistakes over and over again, it is hard to expect your traffic will go up.

    Of course, this can automatically affect your earnings through your site and overall popularity of your blog. Note that any of these mistakes are the potential traffic-killers to your blog – and that is what you do not need at all!

    Try to find out which are the most common mistakes out there which bloggers usually do. Discovering what is a problem, it is much easier to know what to do next!

    1. Not Updated

    This is the most common mistake bloggers usually do on their blogs. You can not definitely build up a good constant traffic if you post once or twice per week. I have an experience in blogging in over 3 years till now and I can say that post frequency is a very important factor in blogging for sure.

    2. Too Much Updates

    Yes, you read it right – this is possible too. Do not expect to update a blog more than once per day, it can be a very time-consuming process. This is reserved only for the big blogs which works in group with other bloggers. It is much better to post only one top-quality post per day than to post 10 not quality ones.

    3. Too Long Posts

    Creating a long posts can automatically affect on your blog performance. Most bloggers usually write around 200-400 words per post – which I can consider as standard in blogging. I tend to create a posts within 500 words, but lately I post a much bigger posts from 700 to more than 1000 words per post. If your posts are long, it is highly recommended to use some tags (h2, h3, h4…) which can ease-up reading for your blog readers and visitors.

    4. Enough Time

    Most bloggers doesn’t spend enough time to maintain their blogs properly. Creating a quality, attractive and effective blog takes much time – much more than you can imagine. Over and over again you would need to fresh up your blog with some new contents and functions. A serious bloggers can make most of it because they are completely dedicated to it.

    5. Part of the Community

    I do not like when I come to a blog which is obviously not interested into own community. You should constantly stay in contact your community, reading every comment and answering most of the questions your readers ask you to. When bloggers don’t participate in this, they usually gets less and less comments – the reason is obvious of course.

    6. Accessible Content

    I often read over the internet that visitors are reading less. I do not think this is a true! I might say they are reading more – but differently! Most of your readers are coming for one reason on your blog post page – to find an satisfying information they are looking for! Mostly, they are scanning content to find spots that interest them!

    7. Headlines

    According to some popular bloggers over the internet, I have found that most of them strongly recommend you to use a quality headlines in your posts. Most of your readers would read a headline they are interested in, rather than a whole post. Bryan from Copyblogger even has a whole series of posts dedicated to headline creation process.

    8. First Paragraph

    Let’s assume you have write down a great headline. What do you thing your readers will read the next – of course your first paragraph! A first paragraph is very important for the rest of your post. You should use this first paragraph to pull them into the rest of your blog post. The idea is to grab their attention and hang onto it.

    9. Not Related Posts

    Most bloggers use this mistake on their own blogs. They constantly create a blog posts that are NOT related to their blog niche, or create a blogs with too much niches! I have seen a lot of single blogs with loads of other niches – most of them can create 2, 3 or even more blogs just from the content of that single one! I constantly try to post more related posts and try to reduce my niche.

    10. You Post for YOU

    Last but not least mistake that bloggers usually do. I do not know why, but most bloggers tend to write about them! This is only effective and productive only if you are a mega-celebrity, otherwise people don’t care about you! They only care about themselves, that is the way it goes for sure. You should post less personal posts and concentrate more to your reader needs!

    If you can avoid these mistakes, I am sure you will success with your blog(s). Of course, there are more mistakes bloggers usually do but these are the most common ones! Doing all right, you will be on your way to increase your traffic and your blog audience!

    Source : Basbosh

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